With the B-gate SDK (Software Development Package), programmers can easily build mPOS applications for managing B-gate and peripherals.

Applicable Products

  • BGT-100P
  • SRP-Q300H
  • IFJ-BGT (SRP-S300, SRP-F310II, SRP-F312II)

User Environment                                      

  •  Applicable OS: iOS, Android, Windows
  •  Connectivity: LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, USB(OTG)
  •  Applicable Browser: HTML5 and higher
  •  IE (Internet Explorer): 10.0 and higher
  •  Chrome: 16 and higher
  •  Chrome Mobile: 16 and higher
  •  Safari: 6.0 and higher
  •  Safari Mobile: 6.0 and higher
  •  Firefox: 11.0 and higher
  •  Firefox Mobile: 11.0 and higher
  •  Opera: 12.10 and higher
  •  Opera Mobile: 12.10 and higher
  •  Android Browser: 4.4 and higher
  •  Black Berry Browser: 7.0 and higher

Multi Connection

Multi Connection allows B-gate to communicate with multiple Host devices. 


Peripheral Register

Peripheral register is available through the BIXOLON utility program. This function allows users to register, de-register, and initialize POS peripherals. Once the peripheral is registered, it can be controlled through B-gate. Programmers can create applications using just the B-gate SDK without interfering with the other peripherals. POS peripherals include Barcode Reader, Dallas Key Reader, Display, MSR, RFID, NFC, Scale and more.


Easy and Safe Update

Easy Update is a function to update setup data or the latest firmware through the USB memory. Users can easily save specific data into the USB memory and update the data through one of B-gate’s USB ports. Additionally, the latest BIXOLON firmware will be automatically updated when users save the firmware into the USB memory and connect it into B-gate.

Safe Update secures B-gate and can recover the previous firmware if and/or when the latest firmware update fails. B-gate is only available to be updated with BIXOLON’s official firmware approved previously by the user.

Spooler and Rerouting Print

Spooler Print is responsible for managing all print jobs currently being sent to the printer or print server. The mPOS system with B-gate can be operated by multiple host devices through either wire and wireless connectivity. Unlike legacy POS systems, which can only be operated by one device. B-gate also has the ability to share its connected POS peripherals to those host devices.

Rerouting Print enables an alternative printer to print a data if the target printer should fail. Users can set up several alternative printers and appoint a priority device.

B-gate Airconfig

B-gate Airconfig is a setup tool for Web App Print, Cloud Server Print and other functions. It is available on the B-gate Airconfig website (Internal Web Server of B-gate) through a web browser or on any mobile devices – OS-independent -. Only certified users can access to the website.

Update Notice

Web Content Update installs the latest web content updated by service providers to each B-gate in all business locations. Providing shop managers an effortless and hassle-free solution. By using the B-gate SDK, programmers can easily build web content with HTML, JavaScript or CSS. When users upload zip files of web contents onto the cloud server, the B-gate which is linked to the cloud server will download the content itself.

• Manual Update
Once B-gate is connected to a cloud server, it will notify the user if an updated firmware version is available, where the user can install the latest firmware using API method manually.

• Automatic Update
Users can arrange firmware installs to be updated automatically in advance. Once it is set up, the updated firmware will be installed automatically when it’s released.

Easy Install

Easy Install is a function which allows users to easily install B-gate for use on a Cloud Server. Even when a client purchases B-gate through an online store, BIXOLON will provide basic support. This support will reduce the complicated data input process to the cloud server from the service provider the customer choses.
* Easy Install function can be customized as per user’s environment

Printer Status Monitoring

Printer Status Monitoring allows to check the status of B-gate and the peripherals linked to a local server or cloud server. Users can manage print history data as a data base. (eg. Sending text message, email, etc.)